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Break the Boundaries

My dear friend

It is absolutely necessary for you to understand the importance of writing without a boundary, a restricted principles of writing and logic.

There is a bliss in wandering in the nature without a plan covering the unmarked territories. I am asking you to do the same with the writing.

We, human beings, are trapped by the society stigmas, inevitably bound to fight against and break out of them. Certain exemplary artists, scholars and people with the ability to distinguish between what is inside the circle and what is outside, left us clues to help us break ourselves from them.

A remarkable director Steven Spielberg once moved away from traditional block buster science fiction narratives to an unbelievable script like Schindler’s List a story so heart wrenching that no one would want to think good people can exist in the times where everyone innately evil. But he did break out of a tradition without looking at the consequences. How it went on to become block bluster and how people perceived is secondary. For him, its what makes it challenging. That should be primary.

Break the rules, Break the boundaries and explore the unexplored territories whether you want to apply this to writing or photography or the way you live life, its what I expect you find yourself true YOU.

Good Luck!


ByStander effect: Be a better person

The bystander effect happens when a group of people don’t step forward or intervene when they should – seeing someone in distress in a public place for instance.

First incident happened in the early beautiful Sunday morning while driving from Hyderabad towards Ananthagiri by car with a group of friends.

On the way we have approached the aftermath of what was obviously a horrible, tragic incident. As we got closer to the scene, we have witnessed a dog, in the middle of road lying in the pool of blood, with completely crushed legs. It was so gruesome to watch because the accident didn’t kill him instantly but its as if it was waiting to take his last breath. He was just lying there not able to get up licking the blood out of crushed legs. We were just passed by, watching, feeling pity on poor animal but preferred not stopping and helping the poor dog.

I couldn’t do it and it just bothered me for a long time why I couldn’t just stop and help relieve his pain, although temporary.  I was embarrassed to step up and be that person who cares rather I have avoided and moved on.
But that’s wrong.

Second incident happened when all of us came back to Hyderabad my friend and I are walking by to get some good tea.
there is this 18plus year old kid who is asking everyone for something we couldn’t focus on him as he looks as if he is mentally slow or probably inebriated asking for something in Hindi. At first He is trying to hold my hand asking for some money and we couldn’t care less about his problem and we ignored him completely and passed by.

Within 10 feet this family of three who are totally lost asking for directions in Hindi the husband just asked me simple question Apko hindi athe hain bhayya ?  Since we had just avoided an embarrassing situation naturally we completely ignored him as well. We didn’t even care about asking what’s that he wanted. He was obviously asking everyone on that entire road for something and everyone ignoring his pleas.

We moved on, went home and it started bugging me as I could have at least listened to him even if it was not important even if its something that I can’t help, I could have just listened.
I have intervened many times and not been afraid of the fear of a negative response or public embarrassment. I have done this in the workplace and outside in the public areas too. But this time I didn’t and that’s wrong thing I did.

After dinner I had to go out to my brothers place at 10pm and to my utter shock they are still there roaming from this end of road to that end begging people to listen to them. I was on my bike and this time without hesitating even a bit I went directly to the husband inquired about the situation. He informed me that they came here that morning from Nagpur for Construction and painting Job which was promised to them over phone but the builder couldn’t keep his word and  they were thrown out. Cheated by local builder,angry, desperate and on top of everything they don’t have money to buy food for little kid. They were requesting everyone on the street for more than 5 hours. I felt ashamed,embarrassed at myself as I could have helped that hungry kid if I had just listened. I was ready to give them money they were quick to reject and said they were only asking everyone for some food for little kid. I went home packed enough food from house for 4 people.

I have rationalized every time I had to step up and act on something(or someone) to care about, telling myself that I am not responsible for that(or them) This incident made me to have greater accountability for speaking up and stepping up next time and that I strongly believe will help me towards becoming a better person.

As my best friend fiercely put it, I am one of lots of educated fools who doesn’t care about affecting any change required for system or people as a whole around us. I completely agree, I may be an educated fool but this gives a greater pleasure to believe I am trying my best to be a better person to be that change.

Little Things Big Difference

Everyday, seemingly insignificant things that some people do make a great impact on others lives. And, we do not even know how they impact others in small or global scale or understand those seemingly insignificant things changes the lives of others significantly because lets face it We do it because we love doing them.

The story of this Maintenance guy named Jack that I learned recently changed the the way I look at things and changed my perspective towards what others do for us that goes unnoticed and unrecognized. So Jack, a maintenance worker in big amusement park who fixes nuts and bolts,believed strongly, that his life has no meaning, no purpose and no significance at all. He was constantly tortured with thoughts of not being able to affect anyone in his entire life. He struggled and he struggled and when he completely exhausted trying hard he just quit the idea and went on with his monotonous life. The only thing he has ever done all his life, the only thing he is ever good at is fixing.  He goes to heaven and meet different people whom he has never met in his life on earth but they seem to show true gratitude for the simple things he did all his life because of those he had saved a thousands of lives.

So the real question is do we have to go to heaven to find out how we are affecting others lives with our little actions? No, don’t be silly.

No matter how insignificant our actions are , in our day to day life, they affect someone else s life in some way. We may not realize this, we may not understand the relevance and we may not understand the significance of our little actions. A lot of us simply states “Everything happens for a reason” “We are part of big circle of life where everyone has to serve a purpose” I would say if we know our purpose truly we do exactly what makes us truly and completely happy and do not necessarily involve others. This is an ongoing struggle to figure our what our purpose is in this precious life.

We work so hard to make sure everyone else around us happy. Sometimes, we just insist on taking care of certain things because we know we have responsibility in doing so.

Heck we drive the car thousands of kilometers just to make sure everyone traveling along with us have a safe journey.

We wake up early do all the work and make sure everything is ready to make sure our loved one finds life easy and effortless

They may not notice or even forget to appreciate the simple things that we do. But that’s okay. End of the day, a smile on our loved ones’ face justifies or even gives meaning to our existence. That smile in that moment acknowledges and appreciates for who we are, and emphasizes that we too are really important in this world. Our efforts of trying to “Affect” reciprocates as Affection from our loved ones, for sure, Patience!

Reference : Raja (My Best Friend) and  The Five People You Meet in Heaven  by Mitch Albom.

Chapter 1

Scene 1: 

Year:2015, Month:March Time: 11AM

It has been 32 days after that unfortunate incident my life has been turned upside down. Each frame that happened on that day flashing through my mind so fast that my head is spinning and constantly aching.

I remember my therapist advice -“you can’t change your past so don’t try to over think it so much as to change it entirely”  You just can’t!

I can’t go back and stop what happened even If I wanted to completely change it very badly, for my existence in this present life.

I am sitting in the same peaceful coffee shop that i once came with my daughter, except it’s not peaceful anymore. I looked at my watch in exasperation it showed 11.05AM

“A person in his stature would understand what the value of punctuality is!”

“May be he won’t come may be he just thought it is just a prank “

“He may be late because he stuck in the traffic”. My mind is pondering over so many thoughts I really have to take a black coffee to get a second of bliss from all this.

I realize how important this meeting to what I have to achieve and at the same time its important I need a plan B.  It took a considerable effort to get through lot of channels, most of them are illegal, to get to this guy so I have to make it work.

Sweat drops formed on my forehead due to the raising heat and my watch says its just 11 10AM. I looked around to see if anyone observing me closely after I have seen him entering the coffee shop. I raised my hand and he sat opposite to me.

He is very fit and everything about his demeanor suggests he is attentive, careful and very well trained.

– “Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”

-“I would rather you get to the point of this meeting, if that’s okay!”

“Sure” – I am nervous but it will be dangerous to show that emotion to him at this point

“A Very trusted source told me that you give specific consultation to tactical missions with your undercover experience and with your international guerrilla warfare, I believe you are the only one who could help me”

He is straightened up looked around in his classy goggles to see if everything is all right and asked me with a threatening manner -: “who r you?”

“Trust me, sir, I will not be doing anything to blow your cover here I understand you are on vacation in India.”

“If my sources gave me correct information I would be dead in 2 seconds if I cross paths with you and do something wrong.”

He seems to be pacified a little. He slowly then moved his powerful 9mm gun and kept in his side pocket of his black coat, that was pointed right at me under the table.

“You look like someone who just walked over your grave and looking for a bloody revenge” and I don’t want to be part of it as it is normally sloppy and doesn’t end well all the times.

“Yes Sir, but it’s not mine, I walked over a grave I dug with my own hands to put my little daughter in the ground.”  I am not asking you to supply ammunition for a mass murder sir, I just wanted a few details for a workable plan.

“This conversation is over and you never met me “– Do you understand that?

“I just need a hypothetical answer more than that I am not compelling you to part of anything you don’t want to be”

“Hypothetical uah?” he understand the pain in my eyes and determination in my heart!

Yes sir.

“Hypothetically the idea itself is crazy you are trying to achieve, it is madness and it is cruel, and you are going to take 240 eyes for one eye but…… nothing is impossible.”

For next 45 minutes he walked me through everything I need to know to carry out the mission. After he is done, he stood up and extended his hand and said “May her soul rest in peace”

I said ‘ Thank you sir,  yes, May her soul rest in peace!!!”

The Power of Perseverance

At some point in your life you will feel its the end, the end for everything, You feel spend out, lose hope and you don’t see any light to guide you and there is absolutely no encouraging and optimistic affirmation from your loved one. It feels as if Its absolutely pointless to try harder even though your heart says thats your destiny and you shouldn’t lose hope. This will come to a point where you question and doubt your very passion that drives you to achieve your dream and motivates you till you succeed in it.

Every time I am working on something very tiresome and hideous at the same time that will take out entire energy and hope, I will say to myself “have little more patience, little more patience” till I see better results. It certainly worked many a times

When you are in Love and you are expected to be persistent and patient at the same level. You face lot of disappointments in life but a moment you miss spending time with your loved one, the moment you are rejected even for very short enagagement that’s more than just disappointing. Your heart keep whispering give it a try again even though your pride says its impossible to continue. your experience says its risky to be pushy and your logic and reason says its absolutely pointless. And you follow your heart because you possess the greatest quality “Perseverance”

The key to a womans heart is not only by being persistent and persevarant but also by understanding from her perspective. She doenst want somebody else to take an important decision about love and she cant make it in an hour or a day. It works if you give her space and constantly reminding that no matter what the decision is, you will be there and your love is pure.Because deep in your heart you strongly believe she deserve awesome love

So never give up on your destiny because those wonderful moments must be earned through patience, trust, and perseverance.

Understanding a Woman’s heart!

The answer to the question why would anybody wants to understand a woman, her woman, is because when you are with that special someone you always want to know whats inside her heart.

She wants to be professionally competent at the same time she wants to be welcoming with her refreshing smile and still people all around her expect her to absorb peoples inability to respect and value her opinions, give her space
when she need it the most,

Understanding her is important just not because you are going to need her once in your life as your life partner, also it helps a man to become a gentleman.

My grandfather who was married twice told me a golden rule. You respect your woman even when she is insane as much as when she is insanely beautiful. I follow it irrespective of she is my girl. Because I believe the love, the passion and care everybody preach all over world  and you come to know from your mom and she carefully teach you the qualities, spirits and personality and she would expect the same from you when you become a Man, not anything less.

She would rather endure the obnoxious and immature behavior but complain but if you take that as her incompetence week tendency that could be the biggest mistake of your life.

You have to understand that her heart is so feather light at the same time powerfully fierce. She has already got a simple yet complex brain that burns over million things at the same time thinking through them parallelly, you don’t want to burden with your childish and immature innuendos

The majority of women thinks Men have to try harder even though she leaves them cues very simple that a child can understand if you can catch them at the right time she does tell you a lot of things …that,

She doesn’t want to be left alone
She doesn’t want to be treated differently
She wants to be heard more than ordered
she wants to be treated like a baby with a sensitive touch and caring heart
she wants to be showered with love even though she is the only manifestation of love and passion in this universe
All she wants from you is a tiny place in your heart and little more patience and she will give all her passion and love that you can overfill your heart with

Marriages are made in Heaven

 Marriages are made in Heaven

Are they really made in heaven or it just false advertising?

When you love someone unconditionally that someone always except a conditioned after-marriage life because these days girls are educated , modern and financially independent.
And also Lovers cant guarantee that they would get married to the one they love . In spite of many imperfections/incompatibility they would compromise for small common tastes/interests when they love each other very much. If they are lucky and determined at the same time, they would continue this even after they get married; If they get married

But mostly, they are not compromising on many compatibility issues.

In the good-old days when people start finding the ideal partner for you, they only consider the best qualities that make both lives happier and they are not materialistic. They always look for the ideal suit in their known circles and once they decide on girl/boy they strongly believe that he/she would be the perfect partner for you. And this belief would be carried forward to you. After marriage, both will make all efforts to make the marriage work and it really does work magically.

Now in this modern tech-savy age, first parents decide on one astrologer and one matrimonial site to review the entire list of applicants and diligently go through the process of calculating the best-fit compatible astrological figure(out of 12) it takes months to find the girl, and even after they find a couple of them, the count wouldn’t match. 

Assuming if they did find a right match,(Incidentally the boy comes to picture here ) there will be ostentatious display of good qualities, qualifications this and that from both sides when they go for ‘Pelli chupulu” . This setting has been changed totally as girls wouldn’t love the idea of being an exhibit. So they meet at a quite place drinking coffee, discussing about the interests, habits and passions. Some get impressed some don’t. This process may take up to two months.  If you force her she will retort the idea of getting married in pressurized conditions. At the end they may come up and tell you that they can’t marry him/her for various reasons and you can’t blame either as they are perfect, normal and modern women who are also looking for “made for each other” match.

   But if they agree to get married after much checking and balancing they think they are “made for each other.” But little do they know that the compatibility checks are yet to begin!
This is what happening with My best friend Raja, whenever we ask him he would say his parents are rigorously looking out for the best n ideal partner where he dint even cross the stage of finding the best scored girl. Good luck buddy.