Monthly Archives: January 2016

Break the Boundaries

My dear friend

It is absolutely necessary for you to understand the importance of writing without a boundary, a restricted principles of writing and logic.

There is a bliss in wandering in the nature without a plan covering the unmarked territories. I am asking you to do the same with the writing.

We, human beings, are trapped by the society stigmas, inevitably bound to fight against and break out of them. Certain exemplary artists, scholars and people with the ability to distinguish between what is inside the circle and what is outside, left us clues to help us break ourselves from them.

A remarkable director Steven Spielberg once moved away from traditional block buster science fiction narratives to an unbelievable script like Schindler’s List a story so heart wrenching that no one would want to think good people can exist in the times where everyone innately evil. But he did break out of a tradition without looking at the consequences. How it went on to become block bluster and how people perceived is secondary. For him, its what makes it challenging. That should be primary.

Break the rules, Break the boundaries and explore the unexplored territories whether you want to apply this to writing or photography or the way you live life, its what I expect you find yourself true YOU.

Good Luck!