Little Things Big Difference

Everyday, seemingly insignificant things that some people do make a great impact on others lives. And, we do not even know how they impact others in small or global scale or understand those seemingly insignificant things changes the lives of others significantly because lets face it We do it because we love doing them.

The story of this Maintenance guy named Jack that I learned recently changed the the way I look at things and changed my perspective towards what others do for us that goes unnoticed and unrecognized. So Jack, a maintenance worker in big amusement park who fixes nuts and bolts,believed strongly, that his life has no meaning, no purpose and no significance at all. He was constantly tortured with thoughts of not being able to affect anyone in his entire life. He struggled and he struggled and when he completely exhausted trying hard he just quit the idea and went on with his monotonous life. The only thing he has ever done all his life, the only thing he is ever good at is fixing.  He goes to heaven and meet different people whom he has never met in his life on earth but they seem to show true gratitude for the simple things he did all his life because of those he had saved a thousands of lives.

So the real question is do we have to go to heaven to find out how we are affecting others lives with our little actions? No, don’t be silly.

No matter how insignificant our actions are , in our day to day life, they affect someone else s life in some way. We may not realize this, we may not understand the relevance and we may not understand the significance of our little actions. A lot of us simply states “Everything happens for a reason” “We are part of big circle of life where everyone has to serve a purpose” I would say if we know our purpose truly we do exactly what makes us truly and completely happy and do not necessarily involve others. This is an ongoing struggle to figure our what our purpose is in this precious life.

We work so hard to make sure everyone else around us happy. Sometimes, we just insist on taking care of certain things because we know we have responsibility in doing so.

Heck we drive the car thousands of kilometers just to make sure everyone traveling along with us have a safe journey.

We wake up early do all the work and make sure everything is ready to make sure our loved one finds life easy and effortless

They may not notice or even forget to appreciate the simple things that we do. But that’s okay. End of the day, a smile on our loved ones’ face justifies or even gives meaning to our existence. That smile in that moment acknowledges and appreciates for who we are, and emphasizes that we too are really important in this world. Our efforts of trying to “Affect” reciprocates as Affection from our loved ones, for sure, Patience!

Reference : Raja (My Best Friend) and  The Five People You Meet in Heaven  by Mitch Albom.


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