Chapter 1

Scene 1: 

Year:2015, Month:March Time: 11AM

It has been 32 days after that unfortunate incident my life has been turned upside down. Each frame that happened on that day flashing through my mind so fast that my head is spinning and constantly aching.

I remember my therapist advice -“you can’t change your past so don’t try to over think it so much as to change it entirely”  You just can’t!

I can’t go back and stop what happened even If I wanted to completely change it very badly, for my existence in this present life.

I am sitting in the same peaceful coffee shop that i once came with my daughter, except it’s not peaceful anymore. I looked at my watch in exasperation it showed 11.05AM

“A person in his stature would understand what the value of punctuality is!”

“May be he won’t come may be he just thought it is just a prank “

“He may be late because he stuck in the traffic”. My mind is pondering over so many thoughts I really have to take a black coffee to get a second of bliss from all this.

I realize how important this meeting to what I have to achieve and at the same time its important I need a plan B.  It took a considerable effort to get through lot of channels, most of them are illegal, to get to this guy so I have to make it work.

Sweat drops formed on my forehead due to the raising heat and my watch says its just 11 10AM. I looked around to see if anyone observing me closely after I have seen him entering the coffee shop. I raised my hand and he sat opposite to me.

He is very fit and everything about his demeanor suggests he is attentive, careful and very well trained.

– “Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”

-“I would rather you get to the point of this meeting, if that’s okay!”

“Sure” – I am nervous but it will be dangerous to show that emotion to him at this point

“A Very trusted source told me that you give specific consultation to tactical missions with your undercover experience and with your international guerrilla warfare, I believe you are the only one who could help me”

He is straightened up looked around in his classy goggles to see if everything is all right and asked me with a threatening manner -: “who r you?”

“Trust me, sir, I will not be doing anything to blow your cover here I understand you are on vacation in India.”

“If my sources gave me correct information I would be dead in 2 seconds if I cross paths with you and do something wrong.”

He seems to be pacified a little. He slowly then moved his powerful 9mm gun and kept in his side pocket of his black coat, that was pointed right at me under the table.

“You look like someone who just walked over your grave and looking for a bloody revenge” and I don’t want to be part of it as it is normally sloppy and doesn’t end well all the times.

“Yes Sir, but it’s not mine, I walked over a grave I dug with my own hands to put my little daughter in the ground.”  I am not asking you to supply ammunition for a mass murder sir, I just wanted a few details for a workable plan.

“This conversation is over and you never met me “– Do you understand that?

“I just need a hypothetical answer more than that I am not compelling you to part of anything you don’t want to be”

“Hypothetical uah?” he understand the pain in my eyes and determination in my heart!

Yes sir.

“Hypothetically the idea itself is crazy you are trying to achieve, it is madness and it is cruel, and you are going to take 240 eyes for one eye but…… nothing is impossible.”

For next 45 minutes he walked me through everything I need to know to carry out the mission. After he is done, he stood up and extended his hand and said “May her soul rest in peace”

I said ‘ Thank you sir,  yes, May her soul rest in peace!!!”


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