Marriages are made in Heaven

 Marriages are made in Heaven

Are they really made in heaven or it just false advertising?

When you love someone unconditionally that someone always except a conditioned after-marriage life because these days girls are educated , modern and financially independent.
And also Lovers cant guarantee that they would get married to the one they love . In spite of many imperfections/incompatibility they would compromise for small common tastes/interests when they love each other very much. If they are lucky and determined at the same time, they would continue this even after they get married; If they get married

But mostly, they are not compromising on many compatibility issues.

In the good-old days when people start finding the ideal partner for you, they only consider the best qualities that make both lives happier and they are not materialistic. They always look for the ideal suit in their known circles and once they decide on girl/boy they strongly believe that he/she would be the perfect partner for you. And this belief would be carried forward to you. After marriage, both will make all efforts to make the marriage work and it really does work magically.

Now in this modern tech-savy age, first parents decide on one astrologer and one matrimonial site to review the entire list of applicants and diligently go through the process of calculating the best-fit compatible astrological figure(out of 12) it takes months to find the girl, and even after they find a couple of them, the count wouldn’t match. 

Assuming if they did find a right match,(Incidentally the boy comes to picture here ) there will be ostentatious display of good qualities, qualifications this and that from both sides when they go for ‘Pelli chupulu” . This setting has been changed totally as girls wouldn’t love the idea of being an exhibit. So they meet at a quite place drinking coffee, discussing about the interests, habits and passions. Some get impressed some don’t. This process may take up to two months.  If you force her she will retort the idea of getting married in pressurized conditions. At the end they may come up and tell you that they can’t marry him/her for various reasons and you can’t blame either as they are perfect, normal and modern women who are also looking for “made for each other” match.

   But if they agree to get married after much checking and balancing they think they are “made for each other.” But little do they know that the compatibility checks are yet to begin!
This is what happening with My best friend Raja, whenever we ask him he would say his parents are rigorously looking out for the best n ideal partner where he dint even cross the stage of finding the best scored girl. Good luck buddy.


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