The Power of Thinking Nothing

Thinkers of Nothing

The Power of Thinking Nothing

Men, sitting at some quite place, staring at hallow space, are quite good at thinking “nothing”  I mean – absolutely “nothing”

There has not one single thought in their minds not even one. They do it without much difficulty and with sharp expression on their faces, just  to forget everything in a state of isolation.

And until they are disturbed by the incessant blabber of their girl friends, they find a lot of solitude in the emptiness and in not thinking anything

On the contrary, Women just cant understand how one can  “Think Nothing” There has to be something that Men are focusing or munching in their minds at any given point of time. For them this is quite complex to understand as this is quite simple for men( made my point here!!)

Without understanding what they are doing, every girl friend pokes and punches her boy friend to tell her what is he thinking in his mind so intensely(Its because Men give a very sharp and serious expression on their faces when they are deeply occupied in thinking nothing.)

My point at the end is You don’t have to read psychology books to understand Men brains!!!  they are simple.If you do, you would stare at men with a feeling of AWE!


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