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The New ‘Face’ of Terrorism in Hyderabad


Inder: Hey dear, What upp, long time no mesg how have u been?

Rose: Hiiiii, good good what s happening with ya? Got a girl in Hyderabad yet?

Inder:  What ? R u joking? A girl ?…and in Hyderabad ? I don’t see a girl in the streets these days All I could see is ghosts wearing colorful masks making them invisible

Rose: Ha ha ha !!! R u jealous or r u angry on scarves by the way?

Inder: If there s one guy who is not angry and frustrated over this mask covering all the beauty…

Rose: what would u do If I find a guy ..?

Inder: I would shoot his brains out for good !!!!

Rose:  So, what r u planning to do then? Girls are not going to change them irrespective of seasons, weather and changing fashion tastes…!

Inder:  Well, I am planning to do something creative …!

  • Wherever you go you can see the women ranging from 18 to 28 wears this neatly tied cotton/silk cloth around their heads making them more gullible.
  • Taking the advantage in the name of fashion transformation, today girls finding it easier to wear the scarves to ward off the most cantankerous and awkward scares scanning them.
  • This  revolutionary invention brought by the fashion experts(or whoever started this) has influenced young girls so much that girls from the rural villages and towns are well informed in advance to equip themselves to this modernized magical megapolis Hyderabad.
  • For the newly joined, likely help from the co workers, college mates, friends and hostel mates to tie the head scarf to make her invisible
  • The guys on the street who used to the scenes of complete 3D viewing from top to toe now cursing the guy who invented the head scarves
  • There is always the creative fashion improvisation that works for men in this case it shall likely be Men head scarves
  • The head scarves make so much fuzz that the boy friend -girl friend chit chatting wearing head scarves will likely be no-surprise
  • The famous Video presentations by the expert in tying the Head Scarves

Rose: That would work; but that certainly doesn’t  help u find a girl re ..good Luck



    Hello world!

    This is Ravindhar K. Started writing again. The previous blog has given me so much inspiration that I decided to write the posts here without influence of cruel emotions and heart broken feelings.

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